Crazy for you

Crazy for youCrazy for you

Gymnasium Muttenz


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    Information: Der Vorverkauf für die Vorstellungen startet am Feitag, den 13.01.

    The Wahlkurs of the Gymnasium Muttenz presents: Crazy for You.

    The musical tells the story of Bobby Child, a banker from New York City. He has the task to close a run-down theatre in Deadrock, Nevada. However, he falls in love with the daughter of the theatre owner, Polly Baker. Since Polly doesn't trust the banker, Bobby tries to impress her by
    pretending to be someone else.

    Based on the 1992 tap dance musical “Crazy for You” by George and Ira Gershwin, and Ken Ludwig, set in the Wild West we present you our adaptation which takes place in a ghetto in the 21st century, realized with the help of alternative dances and body percussion. Despite featuring several strong female characters the musical uses many antiquated gender stereotypes. While these stereotypes contribute to the humor of the musical we would like to point out that our intention is not to promote those stereotypes, but to raise awareness of gender norms and roles whilst enjoying an evening of merriment.

    Director Karolina Kowalska Musical direction and vocal coaching Franziska Baumgartner Styling Milanti Nitihardjo Light and audio engineering Lukas Schweizer Assistant directors Jana Hug, Anouk Héritier Choreography Anouk Héritier, Noemi Meury, Cindy Seibt, Mirjam Berweger, Tabea Sterchi, Andrea Grolimund Public Relations Tim Vaterlaus Liam Veith, Joël Stebler, Manuel Zaugg, Hermes Heiniger, Till Hablützel Costumes Meret Meier, Andrea Grolimund Stage and props Anna Lunati, Lilly Erni, Noemi Meury, Seraina Mangold, Mirjam Berweger Transport Hermes Heiniger, Cedric Maurer Graphics Lilly Erni, Anna Lunati, Carole Enderle, Joël Stebler

    Actors Mirjam Berweger, Carole Enderle, Lilly Erni, Andrea Grolimund, Till Hablützel, Hermes Heiniger, Anouk Héritier, Jana Hug, Anna Lunati, Seraina Mangold, Cedric Maurer, Meret Meier, Noemi Meury, Cindy Seibt, Joël Stebler, Tabea Sterchi, Tim Vaterlaus, Liam Veith, Manuel Zaugg

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