Stammtisch Freie Szene

Stammtisch Freie SzeneStammtisch Freie SzeneStammtisch Freie Szene

Tanzbüro Basel, t.Basel, ROXY Birsfelden, Kaserne Basel


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    Exchange on the dance scene.

    Representatives of Basel's independent performing arts scene meet regularly to exchange ideas. The aim is to engage in dialogue about current cultural policy issues, structural conditions and how artists can respond and show solidarity with one another. On Monday 15th of April 2024, we exchange and reflect on the Basel dance scene. 

    Basel’s independent performing arts members are invited to this Stammtisch “Exchange on the dance scene”. Which aspects in the Basel dance scene are currently strong and what is missing? What are the working conditions? What difficulties are dancers/choreographers facing recently?  What structures do we need at individual and institutional level? How can we support each other? 

    It is a space for collective reflection, feedback, exchange, wishes and dreams.

    Duration: 75 min

    Organised by Tanzbüro Basel with t.Basel in collaboration with the region's independent production houses.

    • Eintritt Frei