i eat your eyeballs

i eat your eyeballsi eat your eyeballs

Natascha Moschini & Kollaborateur*innen Basel


Feiert gemeinsam einen Abend lang die Leidenschaft für das Horror-Genre und haucht dem ROXY in seiner früheren Rolle als Kino wieder cineastisches Leben ein. Natascha Moschini und Kollaborateur*innen präsentieren Kurzfilme, die faszinierende Verbindungen zwischen Angst und Lust herstellen und überraschende Perspektiven auf unser gesellschaftliches Miteinander werfen. Erlebt das kritische und ästhetische Potenzial queer-feministischer Horror-Shorts.

Im Rahmen dieses Projektes finden ausserdem die Workshopwochenenden FOAF-Tales im März und April als auch die Performace AGILITY OF FEAR  vom 25.04. bis 27.04. statt. Don't miss!

Foto © Karin Salathé


Freundlich unterstützt durch Fachausschuss Darstellende Künste BS/SL, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Christoph Merian Stiftung CMS, Ruth und Paul Wallach-Stiftung

Como si Fuera Viento - Alex Reynolds (2018)

Sprache: Spanisch
Untertitel: English

Every film could be said to be two films at once: that of the story being told, and a portrait of the people and place that make that story happen. With a group of friends who turn their holiday on the Galician coast into a shoot for a zombie movie, Como si Fuera Viento emerges as a celebration of friendship that is at once tender and horrific.

The work of artist and filmmaker Alex Reynolds explores our modes of relation and affection as they appear embodied in the cinematic language. Altering narrative structures, commands and rhythms in production, playing with the conventions of acting and storytelling as well as the role of the viewer, the artist defies our perception beyond the perimeter of the screen and the realm of images.



cracks - Lis Kleiner (2024)

Sprache: wenig / Englisch
Untertitel: Deutsch



Monstrous me - Ariel Baska (2023)

Sprache: Englisch
Untertitel: Englisch

A multiply disabled filmmaker explores the untold power of horror cinema in shaping disability and gender identity - challenging how society sees cinematic monsters.

Ariel Baska is a multi-award-winning, multiply disabled horror and documentary filmmaker, who believes in advocacy and accessibility for historically underserved communities. They have spoken at South by Southwest and the Berlinale on accessibility in the film and television industry. Their work can be seen in museums, at festivals, and on airplanes the world over.



Everything is ok | an ASMR to help you sleep at night - Autojektor (2021)

Sprache: Englisch

A destructive collage of trans identities - a brutal marriage of the demonisation and fetishisation of othered bodies.

Autojektor is a transdisciplinary artist from London, UK.



Harvest - Clèmence Lollia Hilaire (2023)

Sprache: Englisch / Niderländisch
Untertitel: Englisch

Harvest brings back from the dead Arnacha, Betsey and Lucy; three young women who were key to the development of modern gynaecology in the nineteenth century Southern US. Experimental, non-consensual and anaesthetic-free surgeries conducted on the three teenagers held in bondage improved knowledge in this, then new, branch of medicine. While very little is known about them, the doctor performing these surgeries was propelled to fame and is still known as the father of modern gynaecology.

Based on personal experience and supported by research revealing links between nineteenth century black women’s bodies, modern gynaecology, pain thresholds and the manifestation of this genesis in contemporary medical practice; the work merges some of my documented attempts to diagnose the condition behind severe chronic pain, with a B-movie-like revenge from the three living dead teenagers in a fertility clinic.

In this clinic, their wombs are used as incubators for the culture of a crop - an extractive industry whose purpose is not clearly explained to them nor to the viewer.

Anarcha, born around 1828, is still in the waiting room of the clinic, making TikToks to kill time. Lucy is more accepting of her fate, while Betsey loses patience and initiates the murder of their captor. A toothless revenge, the making of which felt nonetheless for me more efficient than a pain reliever.

Clémence Lollia Hilaire (1995, Guadeloupe) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, whose practice attempts to construct narratives where records of personal experience loosely coexist with more than human and historical and mythical protagonists. This manifests in the form of videos, sculptures and audio works.

The demons of Dorothy - Alexis Langlois (2021)

Sprache: Französisch
Untertitel: Englisch

Dorothy’s a film director and a bit of a loser… One night, fueled up on Heineken, she’s letting loose on her script when a call from her producer kills her buzz: enough with the queer comedies, it’s time to start making mainstream films. To avoid sinking to the deepest depths of despair, Dorothy seeks comfort in her favorite TV show Romy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, her own demons show up…

After studying at Paris 8 and at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts of Paris-Cergy, Alexis Langlois directs three short films with the same troup: Trinkets and dark thoughts, Your young years will dry your tears and Terror, Sisters! He just finished the fourth, The demons of Dorothy that on the Silver Leopard in Locarno 2021. Alexis is currently in financing for his first feature film Drama queens and a burlesque sitcom named Body Positive.